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5 Simple Security Tips

While most people focus on installing different types of decorative features on their property, many fail to ensure that they have the best security systems installed. However, you can never predict when thieves or burglars will strike your home, which means, it is important to make home security your top priority. Here we discuss five simple security tips that can significantly improve the safety levels of your home:

  1. Always Secure Your Doors

This is something you should never neglect. Never let burglars stroll in through your front door; the fact is that almost 35% of them do! Inspect every single exterior door on your property to ensure that all the door frames are stable and strong and that the hinges are well protected. Some of the reinforcements you should consider include:

  • Add strike plates
  • Install deadbolts
  • Replace standard locks with smartlocks
  • Install a video doorbell for added security

In addition, reinforce all the sliding glass doors in your home. Intruders find these to be the perfect entry point to a home and its important to ensure that these doors are  well-protected. You can place a dowel or window bar in the tracks to prevent the doors from being forced open. For more high-tech solutions, you can install glass break sensors or door sensors.

  1. Lock All The Windows

Windows and doors become the most common entry point for thieves. The unfortunate part is that most latches that come with the windows are flimsy and don’t provide sufficient protection. If you find that the security of your windows is very poor, replace the old locks with key-operated levers. Some of the other ways you can make your windows more secure include:

  • Add window bars
  • Install glass break sensors or window sensors
  • Reinforce all glass with good quality window security film
  • Install prickly bushes right under the first-floor windows (but ensure they are trimmed with regularity)
  1. Illuminate The Outdoor Spaces Well

Criminals would typically stay away from well-illuminated properties. Adding ample outdoor lighting is one of the best ways to deter burglars and thieves. Place lights at strategic positions at various outdoor spaces of your home. Some other ways to improve the security of your home include:

  • Install motion-activated lights
  • Set outdoor lights on timers
  1. Secure Your Garage

This is another aspect you shouldn’t neglect. Criminals are more apt to enter homes via a garage if there is an internal door leading into your home. This becomes a weak point in the security of your property. Make it a habit to ensure that the indoor and exterior of your garage doors are locked without fail. Do not share the security code of your garage door with anyone except your family members. It’s a good idea to upgrade to a smart security system for your garage door.

  1. Set Up a Good Security System

Today, there are a large number of home automation and professional monitoring systems available on the market. These significantly improve the security levels of your property. After evaluating the needs of your house as well as the neighborhood, you can get smart home systems as well as other security systems installed.

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