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Different Types of Door Locks

When you are buying locks for your property, you will find there are literally hundreds of varieties to choose from. Improving the security levels of your property is a lot about making sure that you choose the right locks for different doors and windows. In addition to standard locks and bolts, you will find there are a large number of smart technology and digital locking systems available.

It is a good idea to use a mix and match of these in order to improve the security levels of your commercial establishment or home. You can always consult your local locksmith on which types of systems would work best for your setting & application. They would be able to provide you advice and recommendations on the different types of locks and security systems such as:

  1. Mortice Screen Door Locks

If you have standard screen doors installed on your property, they generally come with very basic latch systems. These offer easy operation however do not provide a good amount of protection against theives. Investing in high grade security screen doors would ensure that you also have a good mortice lock installed on them. These are specifically designed for screen doors and are far stronger than standard locks. They significantly improve the security levels of screen doors on your property.

  1. Dead Bolts

These are the great option for commercial establishments and can be used on entry doors. You can also use these to secure the front door of your home. Dead bolts are very different from the springboard systems. A dead bolt can only be locked/unlocked using keys that turn the cylinder in the lock. You should consider getting a double cylinder deadbolt as it is extremely sturdy and improves the security of solid wood or metal doors.

  1. Knob Lock Features

These fixtures are generally used as secondary locks for entrance doors in homes. Many homeowners also use these as their primary lock systems as they are very convenient to operate. However, this feature can be pretty easy to break into and it is a good idea to add a dead bolt or smart lock to the door in addition to the knob locks.

  1. Padlocks

These are extremely popular in residential and commercial properties and can be used to secure gates and doors. However, when you are installing a padlock on any gate or door ensure that the point it is attached to is strong enough for the lock.

  1. Lever Handle Locks

In most instances, door handle locks are installed on internal doors on commercial properties. However today, many residential property owners are also choosing to get these locks installed in their homes. They are a good option in homes that house aged or disabled individuals, as all that’s required is a firm downward pressure on the lever to open the door. While this convenience factor is a definite plus, it is important to ensure that the door also has added security features. This kind of door can easily be forced open from the exterior by applying excessive pressure to the lever.

In addition to all these locks, today there are a large number of systems with advanced technology such as proximity locks, digital locks and more. For information on our excellent, customised locksmith services, feel free to call Liverpool Locksmiths today or contact us via this Online Form.

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