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How to Avoid Locksmith Scams

If you’ve ever been in a lockout situation, you know exactly how stressful that can be. In addition, if this kind of situation occurs just when you are in a rush to get to an important meeting, or need to enter your home or vehicle quickly, it can be extremely frustrating as well.

At times like this, one of the first things you do is to pull out your phone and look for a locksmith that would be able to provide emergency services. When you are desperate, it doesn’t become difficult to simply settle for the first company you notice on the Internet. However, this can prove to be a big mistake.

Today, there are a large number of unscrupulous locksmiths, without the right kind of licensing or certification that scam customers regularly. One of the best ways to ensure that you do not become the victim of these types of scams is to take certain precautions:

  1. Know What Their Modus Operandi Is

Most scammers follow a very specific modus operandi. When they arrive at your location to help you in a lockout situation, the first quote an extremely low fee. Since you find this reasonable, you agree to hire their services and approve the quote. This is when they start on their cheating tactics. They act like they are working hard, trying to open the lock. After doing this for a short while, just tell you that the problem is far more complex than it initially appeared.

They tell you that the lock system used cannot be opened using the regular methods. This is when they quote a very high figure and tell you that the only option left is to replace the entire lock. In most cases, this quote can run into hundreds of dollars. These are the types of scammers you need to be wary of. They take advantage of the fact that you are in a desperate situation and need urgent services.

  1. Check Whether The Company Has A Physical Address

A credible company will always mention a physical address and contact details very clearly on their website. If the website you look at doesn’t have an address mentioned, it is best to be wary and stay away from that business as they could be scammers.

  1. Ensure There Is A Local Number Mentioned

When you call on locksmith’s listed number and are greeted by an odd dial tone or a very long response time, you might have been redirected to an overseas call centre. This is another red flag that needs to be kept in view. Make sure that the number you call is an Australian number and if you have any doubts about this, make it a point to ask.

  1. Check Whether The Operator Is Certified

All locksmiths need to hold valid licenses and are also required to have insurance coverage. There should be an ABN number clearly displayed on their website and this is something you shouldn’t neglect to check. If you notice any of these missing from the site, simply stay away from that company.

Keeping these aspects in view will help you avoid locksmith scams. For information about our reliable and certified services, call Liverpool Locksmiths today or contact us via this Online Form.