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Tips for Not Losing Your Car Keys

Car keys is amongst the last things that any one of us would want to lose. Imagine yourself getting locked out of your car, and how you would be in so much trouble when you are running late for a meeting or are caught up in a heavy rainfall. Your day will turn into an instant disaster and you will not feel good through the whole day. However, the plus side to losing your car keys, is that similar to other uncomfortable situations, this is something that you can actually avoid. Below are some simple techniques to ensure that you do not lose your car keys:

  • Find a key tray or hook to use

Make sure that you always place your car key in a tray or a hook so that anytime you need them, you will know precisely how to locate them. It is better to put the key tray or hook in an easily accessible place such as on top of  the fridge, the table close to the main doorway, or your bedside etc. These are where you can keep and smoothly get your keys.

  • Place a reminder

Place a note to the impact that you do not skip your car keys’ in your cupboard or on the main entrance so that prior to leaving your workplace or dwelling, you are certain that you have them. It is simply a waste of time when you have to run back to the office after you realize you left your key there

  • Give a shot at key chains

If you suffer with a very severe case of forgetfulness, you can try to have your car keys attached to your ID, your wallet, your door pass, parking pass. And if you are a female car keys owner, you can attach them with your beauty pouch. You are certain to have the above mentioned items with you on a regular basis so are less likely to forget your car keys if you put them to these stuff.

  • Prepare for spare keys

From the get-go, it is obvious that the primary issue that we are wanting to address is not losing our car keys again. Nevertheless, it is always advantageous to plan forward and have a safety net when you can. Making sure that you have extra keys is thus a good way of saving yourself a lot of difficulty when the previously listed tips are not followed. Simply make sure that you always have your spare keys placed securely. You can put your keys in your wallet or in the bag’s inner pocket. The most important thing is to keep in mind where you keep them just in case you need them.

  • Get a hold of a well-known locksmith company

If you are constantly losing your car keys for one reason or the other, you may decide to have new ones established or go the more safe approach and have your car locks changed. The latter is particularly smart given that it ensures you peace of mind that no one will be in a position to access your car. This is also a great idea if your locks were starting to worn out.


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