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Tips To Keep Your Home Safe With Locks

The safety and security of your property is something you can never take for granted, or be careless with. Vandals, thieves, and burglars are always more attracted to homes that have poor security levels, and with good reason. They are able to break-in very easily onto the premises and steal valuables from the property very easily.

Some Steps to Take

Today, there are a large number of high-tech security & alarm systems that can be installed on your residential or commercial property to increase its security levels. However, in addition to these systems, it’s also a good idea the focus on installing good locks. These would work in tandem with any other smart systems that you have on your property, making your property more safe and secure. Here are some tips to keep your home safe with locks:

  • Use Strong Locks On Your Front Door– Make sure that your front door has a very strong lock that cannot be jimmied open from the outside. If you have a screen door, install the mortice lock as this significantly improves the security of the front door. It’s also a good idea to install a digital lock system that is also connected to an alarm system. This is an excellent option especially if you travel a lot, as these features provide the convenience of remote access.
  • Two-Cylinder Deadlocks- This is a good lock system option if you have external hinged doors. Invest in high-grade knob sets with dead latch mechanisms. This goes a long way in preventing criminals from forcing entry onto your premises. Many burglars and thieves use credit cards to open up door locks that don’t have high security
  • Locks For All Patio And Deck Doors– Sliding doors on balconies, decks and patios become a very common entry point for criminals. It’s a good idea to get key-operated locks or patio locks fitted on all exterior sliding doors. In addition, you can increase the security levels of these doors by placing traditional wood dowels or metal wedges into the tracks at either end. This is very effective in limiting their movement and preventing forced entry.
  • Window Locks– It’s important to focus on having very strong window locks as well. Windows on the lower levels of your house or on the ground floor become an easy target for criminals. One of the best ways to improve the security levels of these windows is to add locks and security screens. Install single cylinder locks on all your windows in addition to burglar bars.
  • Secure All The Back And Side Gates– The gates that stand along the side and back of your property become an easy entry point for thieves and burglars as these areas are typically out of sight from the main road. Make sure that these features are sturdy and strong and install padlocks on them.

 Secure Your Garage Door – Make sure that your garage door has the proper security. Invest in a smart garage door opener and ensure that you do not share that code with unauthorised Make it a point to have a strong padlock on the interior door that leads from the garage to the indoor spaces of your home.

For any more information about the different types of locks you can use, feel free to call Liverpool Locksmiths or send us your requirements via this Online Form.