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Who Can Use Master Key Systems

For those who own or manage large properties such as industrial settings, commercial buildings, strata properties or even other large structures, there would be a number of locks required. This includes all the entrances and exit points of the building as well as areas such as the office spaces, break room areas, supply rooms, bathrooms, data center rooms and more.

Typically, each of these areas would have separate locks, which control access to those specific spaces. However, sometimes there may be a requirement for one/more individuals to have access to multiple areas of the property. For example, a business owner, landlord or building manager would require access to all the areas on their property.

Your housekeeping staff would also need a similar kind of access to specific areas in the building. Managers may sometimes need to access some rooms and not the entire property. In all of these cases, it is important to have a lock system that would give proper access levels to different individuals.

How A Master Key System Works

This is exactly what master key systems can do. Here we take a look at the different types of keys that a master key system would have. These systems will have a number of keys, all of which provide different levels of access to the premises:

  • Change Key– This key is on the lowest level of the master key system hierarchy. It may sometimes be also referred to as a sub-master key. This key is specifically designed to open only one lock or locks that are identical to it. For example, it might open all the different entrance locks to a particular structure.
  • Master Key– This key can open several locks within a group, or potentially, the other locks as well. This will depend on how many branches and levels the master key system has. Whenever there are higher levels, it becomes possible to have multiple master keys to open different areas in a building or

For example, a master key and change keys may be designed for all the office spaces. There may be a separate master key and change keys for access to warehouse spaces. These keys may not always be interchangeable. However, it is possible to add a level that has a grand master key which would open up every space or room in both, the office and warehouse sections.

Master Key Systems Offer Convenience

The basic concept behind using a master key system is that it becomes easier for different people within an organisation to have different levels of access to specific areas on the property. This improves the convenience levels in accessing various spaces. There is no requirement for multiple keys, which makes it much easier to handle security in a commercial space. Today many large residential properties also have master key systems installed.

Your master key system can be designed to be as simple or complex as you want it to be. The keys created will be based on the size of the system as well as the master control you require over certain areas and which individuals would have access to specific spaces. For any more information about our services or master key system solutions, feel free to call Liverpool Locksmiths today or connect with us via our Online Form.